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EIS 3D Scan

The Electro Interstitial Scan Complex also known as 3D scan is a suite of FDA cleared bio-sensor medical devices driven by bespoke adjunct software for enhanced data analysis and management. It is safe, effective, completely painless, non-invasive, no-radiation scan. The medical applications of the Complex include evaluation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), sudomotor function, body composition, endothelial vascular function and vascular stiffness, detection of metabolic syndrome and its complications such as diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

We recommend follow up tests for comparison with and reference to the patient’s historical data, to assist with review, analysis and evaluation of patient progress and treatment efficacy.

New FDA-cleared, bio-sensor technology

It is our mission to improve patient care with fast, affordable, precise and reliable Electro-Sensor technology helping you understand your physiological status and providing invaluable data to complement and enhance the standard diagnostic tests.

The test allows us to offer a fast, cost-effective and reliable means of measuring, analyzing, evaluating and reviewing key bio-physical parameters; indicative of overall health and potential medical problems with fast results and in-depth report.


  • Dermatological lesions in contact with the electrodes
  • Excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis)
  • The patient using a cardiac pacemaker, being connected to electronic life support devices or any implanted electronic device, or the presence of defibrillators
  • Patients who are unable to sit
  • Metal pins or prostheses on the extremities or joints
  • Pregnancy
  • The absence of one or more limbs.

Description of the test procedure:

  • Before each patient, the device and accessories are cleaned/disinfected and then dried in the air.
  • The measurement is carried out with the patient in a seated position.
  • The patient is barefoot and removes all metal objects (wristwatch, bracelets, rings, etc.) which may come into contact with the electrodes.
  • Any creams, makeup, or foundation on the forehead are removed by wiping with alcohol, and then letting the area air dry.
  • The feet and hands are cleaned with alcohol, and then air-dried.

Measurement process

Once the scan begins, a sequence of successive measurements is performed on eleven pathways of the body using weak DC current (200 μA) and an imposed voltage of 1.28 V between the six tactile electrodes. The polarity is changed for each pathway and is measured every 32 milliseconds.

• 3 technologies in 1; a unique combination of Pulse Oximetry, Body Composition and Galvanic Skin Response devices, in one system, managed by specifically designed software.

• 7 tests in 10 minutes; SPO2%, Microcirculation (RI, SI), Microcirculation (NO), Cardiac Output, Heart Rate Variability, Body Composition, Blood Pressure

ES-BC Description

The ‘bio-impedance’ analysis device sends a weak electrical current, (in tetra polar mode, at a single frequency of 50 kHz), between the right hand and right foot, and measures the body’s resistance and reactance to that current. Those resistance and reactance measurements are converted to a comprehensive set of estimated body composition measurements, using the predictive Body Impedance Analysis.

In the human body, low resistance is associated with large amounts of fat-free mass and low-fat mass. High resistance is associated with smaller amounts of fat-free mass and high fat mass. High reactance is associated with large amounts of body cell mass (intracellular mass) and low Extra-Cellular Water (ECW); while low reactance is associated with smaller amounts of body cell mass and high ECW.

Indications / Intended Uses

Calculation and Historical Tracking of:

  • Actual Impedance
  • Actual Phase Angle (PA)
  • Estimated Body Fat (FAT)
  • Estimated Fat Free Mass (FFM)
  • Estimated Total Body Water (TBW)
  • Estimated Intra-Cellular Water (ICW)
  • Estimated Extra-Cellular Water (ECW)
  • Estimated Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Estimated Daily Energy Expenditure (DEE)
  • Actual Body Mass Index (BMI)• Spot check / monitor oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2%) and pulse rate.
  • Analyze the pulse waveform (Photoelectrical Plethysmography or DPA) provided by the oximeter.
  • Provides mathematical analysis of SpO2 input.
  • Analyze the basic rhythms of the NN or RR intervals in heart rate, in both time and frequency domains (5 minutes). Provides mathematical analysis of heart rate variability input.

Clinical Evidence


ES Complex Software function, Statistical Analysis of patient cohorts by Disease or Treatment group.

All the devices that comprise the ES Complex system are FDA cleared in their own right, ensuring that each has been approved as both safe and effective, by the world’s most rigorous medical regulatory system. The ES Complex data management software is also FDA cleared to work with those devices.

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