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About us

What we Do

Alternative Medical Imaging Center is one of a kind facility, that provides services to patients in the form of alternative non-invasive imaging tests while providing vital information about patients’ health status based on the latest, multiple adjunctive imaging modalities.

The tests performed in our center are without pain, health hazards and potentially detrimental side effects associated with traditional imaging diagnostic methods.

All screening tests in our center are performed by skilled and experienced medical professionals using FDA cleared devices and the results are interpreted by medical doctors.

We’re the first and perhaps the only alternative imaging center performing tests based on multiple imaging modalities. Combining several technologies that complement each other results in more detailed imaging, better identification and analysis of an underlying conditions, and more comprehensive reports.

Relying on the single imaging test (for example Thermography) may be helpful but using it by itself does not guarantee successful result because as with any single modality it may result in inconclusive findings.

Combining multiple modalities dramatically increases the accuracy and decreases the probability of false findings. Studies indicate that the accurate earliest detection is realized when multiple tests are used together. 

What makes us unique

Our Story

Alternative Imaging is a result of many years of studies of the most advanced alternative imaging modalities in collaboration with leading doctors and scientists.  It started in 2013 from the project that required reliable yet non-invasive diagnostic of a particular skin condition.  In six years of trial and error, by the process of elimination our findings got narrowed down to several most promising technologies.

Although all imaging modalities based on the newest technologies have their strengths and advantages, they also have shortcomings which we identified and concluded that: using multiple independent imaging modalities that complement each other, allows us to better identify the internal processes enabling us to form a detailed picture of underlying causes.

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We provide the most detailed full and partial body or select organ analysis in the industry, using only the most advanced and non-invasive technologies available on the market.

Thermometric Analysis of the Skin



EIS 3D Scan

Ultrasound/Sonography 2D/3D/4D

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